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For a Well-Balanced Transport Policy

Depending on the situation or distance to be travelled, different means of transport meet different mobility needs so car drivers may also take a plane or train, or go by bike. And that's why the EAC advocates a well-balanced transport policy taking all modes of transport into account. The overall aim is to ensure transport consumer needs are at the forefront of transport policy decisions.

Founded in 2008 in Brussels, EAC today represents the interests of a total of 3 million people. As a partner for mobility, our vision is a Europe without borders where travel is easy. That requires harmonising traffic laws between the EU Member States and driving forward innovative technologies – to ensure greater safety and sustainability on the roads.

The EAC Members

The EAC members include renowned automobile clubs from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Republic of Srpska.

European Road Safety Charter

The EAC is signatory of the European Road Safety Charter.